Band Aparte | Interview | Global FlyLife


I first met Brian Mendoza of Band Aparte at Que Sera in Long Beach in July of 2014. His attack on a live audience was fierce and vicious to the point where he absolutely demanded your attention, feeling like there's no way out of it and truly on another level. The music, a high energy "synth-punk" backed by a drum machine and electric guitar, coincides with his performance and constantly attempts to break through the dynamics between performer and audience, hardly ever staying on the stage and constantly bumping into you and building the static. The spectacle of hard working showmanship is not an easy thing to forget when going to a Band Aparte show - once I saw him pick up a candle and pour wax all over himself.

    I met him in San Pedro at The Whale and Ale close to where he lives. I liked the place and the last time I was here I was on acid and enjoying a shepard's pie and constantly going to the bathroom to splash water on my face.

Brian showed up with hair slicked back and a blue button down shirt, nice dark slacks and leather shoes. His style has always been de luxe since I've known him and he carries it well and like his performances, demands attention.

Band Aparte is currently recording their first full-length record with Manifesto with Brian doing the vocals and Josh Hensley on guitar. This is our conversation.


    Where were you born?

San Pedro, California. Born and raised. All my family is pretty much still here too. I went to high school here and it's nice because I went to school in Long Beach (CSULB) and it's 15 minutes away and 30 minutes to get to Downtown LA and it's kinda accessible and close to everywhere from here.

    And it's still kinda quiet here too.

Yeah, and you can still maintain your own privacy in a weird way. You don't have to be in a scene or something. You can still access it but then I can still come back home and go to the coast and have a beer. (haha)


    What were into in High School?

Ah man, everything. All I did, aside from playing music, was skateboard. Just music and skateboarding that's all I wanted to do. I was into all the hardcore bands, X, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag. Dead Kennedys were huge, still huge. Then I slowly, sometimes from skate videos, I was getting into the artsy side of punk rock in a way like Sonic Youth. Then I discovered The Smiths and early Cure but then I started to listen to the obscure shit like some interesting avante-garde punk bands like This Heat which is super interesting. Some no wave bands like James Chance and stuff like that. I still listened to some hip-hop too. Like a lot of early 90's, east coast hip-hop like Boot Camp Clik, Nas, Mobb Deep and I saw a lot of similiarity in that too with punk rock. The grime, gritty and dark thing kinda overlapped for me.