Band Aparte 03


   Yeah, you guys play a lot. But people are starting to know your stuff.

Yeah, that’s the thing. He has a hard work ethic too and one of our mutual bands that we like is Black Flag and they’re known for show after show (snaps fingers). That’s how you do it, you know? There’s no break. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be there. It doesn’t matter what show it is.

    Does it help you grow when you’re playing this many show’s?

It was at a show in LA recently and there was a guy there that’s seen us for the past 6 months and he said, “I see you guys are growing”. And I thought, what does he mean by that? We do have a few new songs but for the most part a similar set. Then I started thinking, well Josh is doing some interesting improvisations. He’ll do some weird fills which is strange because we play with a drum machine and the drum machine is not going to change which is weird. When you see bands change things on the stage they are usually jamming or extending a song or something. He’s been doing a lot of that and I also sometimes just change lyrics and go on rants at the end of songs.

    You’re not holding back at all has that always been the case?

When I was playing in Band Aparte the first time around I was playing bass. It was weird when we were playing shows because I had something in my hand preventing me from doing all the normal stuff as a singer, I didn’t like that. I was still always known as a rowdy bass player (haha) but I really wanted to sing and it didn’t really work for me. I wasn’t satisfied.

    I couldn’t imagine Iggy Pop holding a bass.

Right, that’s the thing! There’s people giving me nice compliments. Saying I’m like Iggy Pop, Lux from The Cramps…punk rock Morissey.


    How do you feel when people tell you that?

It’s interesting because I like Iggy Pop but he’s not my favorite. I know those people let it all out on the table, too. In a weird way it is very similar and even to be mentioned is great.Band_Aparte_08

   How did you come up with the name Band Aparte?

When I stopped playing music and was in college I was more into film. I grew up watching a lot of, you know, big blockbuster films with my parents because that’s what you do when you don’t have a lot of money. So I always watched a lot of films but as you start to become more academic, I suppose, you come across other film like ones that are foreign. I started to watch a lot of the French new wave stuff. Jean Luc-Goddard was an interesting filmmaker. This guy was a breath of fresh air and I like his style