Band Aparte 05


     Did you write that song with his dad in mind?

Yes. My great grandma passed away as well, right before that and that’s another universal question. I’m personally an atheist but I always hope that people are being welcomed somewhere even if you don’t believe in anything. So that’s where it comes from. I hope they’re being welcomed somewhere. That’s the cool thing about art is you can play around with that. There can be a “God” in the art world, but when it comes to day to day activities I don’t believe in that, but writing and creating you can still have that universe of ‘yeah, maybe they do go somewhere.’ I do think it’s optimistic even though it’s about loss and the question,”how have you been? I hope you’re doing well”. It’s very optimistic and I hope to write more stuff like that because it can’t all be…you know, there’s got to be more optimism.

    I think a lot of people can relate to your songs.

That’s the point, actually. I don’t write for myself and some people say they need art as a form of expression. They need the music. I don’t need it. I don’t need any of it. I write with other people in mind. I don’t write for me. I just hope someone can see that and if there’s a question being raised, any song lyric or performance, if they ask the question to themselves that’s related to their life, I did my job. That’s how I see it. At the end of the day, it’s fun and I enjoy doing it but I think of it as more, you know, human beings have certain universal qualities of questions they ask and I try to tap into that.

    Well, people certainly ask those questions and they respond to, I think, the energy you bring to it.


Yeah! There’s been one person who came up to me after a performance and said, I feel your pain. I was like, It’s not my pain. It’s yours as well. You see it because you have it. But I have those feelings too and that’s what’s nice is you can share them. The songs are still very personal. The song “Into the Window” is the most personal, actually. It’s a good story (haha)


    Do you want to go into it?

Sure. I’ll tell you the story. It’s quite funny. That’s actually the first song that Band Aparte wrote with Josh. I was going through a breakup and I had to give her back some stuff and I moved out of the condo and I still owed her a bass amp. This was 2 weeks after. The break up was the classic I need space as well and the…I don’t want to date anyone (haha). So I’m dropping off this mini bass amp and I was supposed to arrive at 6 p.m. but I didn’t because I was doing other things and I found myself in the area around 9:30. So, I go in and I’m about to knock on the door and I hear people’s voices and I think, “Oh fuck, I shouldn’t bother her now. I should just come back another time.” I go to leave and as I exit, there’s a big window, and I look in and there’s just one guy there and I’m like, “Who is this guy?” They just started making out and I thought, “This is interesting.” so I just watched for 35 minutes.


Yeah. You have the option of the guy that would beat the guy up or the guy that would’ve left. Or you have the third option which is stay and watch and kinda take it.

Anyway, that’s the story and that’s the basis for “Into the Window” and at the end of the song it’s, “I’m outside your window and I’m not there anymore. I’m gone.” The chorus goes, “I was looking for a reason, all I found was doubt. Lord, I need entertainment and I can turn this around.”

But, at that moment I was just trying to figure out, what and why? What is going on? I don’t have any answers to this. And that translates into something greater on a piece of paper. Sure, you’re trying to find reasons for everything that’s gone wrong and all you have is doubts about what the truth is.

    What made you want to stay?

Just curious, you know? When you study philosophy all you do is ask, why? (haha) But, probably on a more sadistic level, I wanted to know if he…pleasures her as much as I did. That’s a real thing. It kinda sounds ridiculous but, you know, it’s different when you have to see it.