Band Aparte 06


       Has your writing style changed at all, since?

Well, it’s going to be what it is. I can’t say what it will be. We’re working on an album. It’ll hopefully be out next March. Full length. First album. Some of it is going to be comprised of the demos we have that we’re going to re-record and some other songs. We got signed to Manifesto Records which is a label that’s been around in one form or another since the 60’s. They saw us at a show in Hollywood. There weren’t that many people and they came to us and said, “We want you on our label”, just based off our intense live performance. We sent them our demos and we just signed with them last month. The label reissues Dead Kennedy albums, Tom Waits albums, Concrete Blonde, so a lot of, kinda, big names. They’ve revamped the label and are starting to put out current stuff. Also, on there is Cellars which is cool. Allie’s our label mate. She’s rad.

    Yeah, she’s got something going for her too. I saw her at Perhspace and her songs are really solid.

Yeah, she has a totally new album for Manifesto. She’s pretty much done with it and now they’re mixing and hopefully by November we’ll have a single out as well–with a video also to hype the album. We’ve been recording at Seahorse sound studio which is rad. The Strokes are listed to have recorded there. It’s a cool old building that used to be a handbag factory that’s now a studio.


    Where is it?

It’s off of Pico and Grand near downtown LA. So aside from recording we’re pretty much just playing every week till December (haha). We’re completely booked.

    Any tours planned?

We were supposed to tour the Northwest, then we got signed. We ran out of our demo tapes so we couldn’t tour if we didn’t have any merch so now we’re going to wait till the album comes out. So early next year hopefully we’ll go all the way up to Vancouver.

    Have you ever been up there?

No, that’s the other thing, my parents didn’t have enough money for us to go on vacations so I’ve never been anywhere. So, I want to travel and I can’t wait (haha) actually.

   Your future’s bright, my friend.

I hope so. But even if it’s not, we’ll make do.

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