Amy In-Part

The body is more honest than the heart. The body’s nostalgia for an old lover can be stronger than the will of a newfound solidarity and confidence. The mere tilt of the chin, a subtle arch in the back, a pursed lip, all reveal the unspoken expectations behind the veil of “face”.

With Amy – In Part, Blaz and Amy Nishiyama guides us on a voyeur’s expedition, catching sight bites that tell the story we can’t see. Amy – In Part betrays the silence of the heart hiding behind as interpretation of the past as the flesh recalls the true essence in the memories of the body.

In tandem, Blaz and Amy take us on a journey of the struggle to hide those deep seeded memories as raw as the flesh that speaks their existence. It is the never- ending trial to regain the sense of “self”.

Allen Nalasco

New Bev
Waiting for Foley
Red Dusk
Film noir
Walking Through Thoughts
Hope: Searching Beyond The Past
Murk 4 bw
With You
You're Loving Me
Star Child

Blaz Gallegos

Amy Nishiyama

Assistant and Lighting
Allen Nalasco

Make up and Stylist
Coco Korspan

The Rise Of The Phoenix Undergound


Before EDM, Techno, Raves…
There was the Underground.
In the center of it all was one man who spearheaded it with a global perspective.

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Monte Carlo Bar Sign

Monte Carlo Bar

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