Dyslexia at Imperial Gallery opening reception was on 7th, 2015 held at the Imperial Art Studios compound. Featuring four eclectic dis-functional downtown Los Angeles artists: Dan Evans works with gas and electricity to illuminate aspects of the past that are at once jarring and soothing, helping to light where we are heading. Emmeric Konrad prods the fissures of our collective morals and desires. Cracks in the armor are not only revealed, but presented to us as skin. Advertisements JW Pippen‘s contemporary paintings and sculptures draw influence from roots set deep in Japanese motif, tradition and allegory. Kinetic and decisive strokes analogous to Kanji convey the dichotomy between chaos and precision in nature. Terrell Moore is depth in layers. Viscosity, autobiography, a void embellished: pathos and necessity reverberate in the dialogue between the willing, the reluctant and row artist. Electronic music environment by DJ niXon. Show Runs Through November 21st. Gallery hours Thursday through Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and by appointment. Contact Information: Faye Konrad Imperial Gallery 695 S Santa Fe Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90021 213-925-4672 Or Julio Hechavarria, Jr at Imperial Art Studios 310-435-1051

Video and Author  Blaz Gallegos 

Sucken City

Sunken City

Sunken City is a hidden place in San Pedro. A town built too close to the edge that in 1929 slowly slipped into the ocean.

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Sultana Bar route 66

Sultana Bar

The town of Williams Arizona is catered to tourists. The Sultana Bar is not. Even though it is at the end of Main st. This

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