Ok, got a drank in me, but the cats are still fight-fucking in my head. All the talk at the Atomic Books bar (Eightbar) about Baltimore’s past has this digital nomad hungry. Thank you Dan for the recommendation. A quick walk to The Golden West Cafe. Oh yes food, art and well needed drinks.

The Gold West Cafe | Baltimore

The Golden West Cafe.

The Golden West Cafe, is eclectic, colorful and in the heart of The Avenue. I of course took a seat at the bar. The first thing I noticed was some art pieces that looked like they could have been drawn by Vladimir Tretchikoff. I have his print of The Green Lady hanging at my sister’s house for safekeeping. I mentioned to the bartender my approval of the decor, inspired to get my print after seeing “Frenzy” and noticing the print hanging on the villain’s wall. I noticed that there was a red matching one in the movie but couldn’t find it for sale. 

The bartender replied “That one?” and there it was, the matching red one on a different wall. If the Golden West had such great taste in kitschy, Russian art, then the food I’m sure would be divine.

Vladimir Tretchikoff The Green Lady | Baltimore

When in that regretful, morning after state of being, and perusing the fine culinary offerings of any establishment, I seldom think I need a plate full of satisfying, alcohol soaking, reinvigorating granola. 

Golden West Cafe | Baltimore

Goddamnit I’m a man and I need something spicy and hot!  The Cafe has a great vegan menu and quite frankly my stomach wasn’t in a place for any greasy, fried conglomeration of questionable animal parts in tubular form. 

With alley cats still screeching in my head, I went for the Aztec Burrito. Calling upon the fortitude (and mercy) of my ancestors, the spice and beans would help bring me back to center. All I can say is wow.

The Golden West Cafe | Baltimore

The goddess Chantico must have grown the green chilis herself with just the right amount of spice and a fresh, revitalizing flavor. Vegan burritos in Baltimore, you say? All day long, my friend. The burrito (and the breakfast Jack & Ginger, don’t judge just read) did the trick and put the alley cats to rest.

Golden West Cafe
1105 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 889-8891


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