11pm - ish

I threw myself out of The Cat’s Eye. The one thing that stood out to me was that the police were on a lot of the corners. They were in plain clothes, some were just sitting down on tailgates of a pickup truck, others on park benches  talking and laughing with the people. It seems as though the tension I normally see and feel when police are out in full gear and uniforms wasn’t there.

I was in the mood for one more “one and done.”
I headed towards the city and took a brief stop back at the Bygone. The day’s adventure still had a lot of energy on me and I was looking for that thing that would warp it all together. I headed downstairs and found myself at an outside bar. It was right next to the water on the ground floor of the Four Seasons. I Was lucky to find a nice seat looking out to the harbor. 

Bartender: “What will you have” 

Me: “Jack And Ginger”
Bartender must have seen the look in me: “Would you like a double?” 

Me: “You make a hard sale. Add a glass of water and do you have any food?”


Bartender: “I could squeeze you in before the kitchen closes”. 

This guy is getting a 30% tip.

As I sat with my drink and vegan flatbread, I gazed at the shimmering lights rippling across the glassy harbor. Thoughts of Tin Men ( a movie my late father recommended to me some 30 plus years ago) came to mind. Homicide Life On The street , Munch before heading to New York. The Subway episode which to me is still the single best episode in TV history. And of course The Wire. 

Michael K Williams said in an interview with Marc Maron “Do you know who the beast character The Wire was? Baltimore. The city of Baltimore, the people, the energy, the spirit of the city is the number one character on The Wire.” He was right. I quickly realized why I‘ve wanted to come here for the past 8 years. Baltimore, the people of Baltimore you charmed me.


The Rise Of The Phoenix Undergound


Before EDM, Techno, Raves…
There was the Underground.
In the center of it all was one man who spearheaded it with a global perspective.

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