The Lash is one of the more interesting clubs/bars in Downtown LA. The club is in a large building which has apartments above it.

The inside has a Russian disco tech bar with an industrial urban feel, ceiling wires, pipes, concrete floors and an unconventional disco ball structure. There is a small outdoor smoking area at the entrance. The layout is pretty unique. There are two rooms.

The first is as you go in is more of a chill spot with DJ’s , places to converse or dance. The other room is more of the clubbing room for louder music and dancing.

The two rooms are connected by a hallway which has the restrooms and has a subway feel to it. The music is different every night of the week

It is a place to do whatever you wanna do and enjoy music without caring how you look. You can dance like a crazy person alone or with your friends or stand by a wall just watching people without socializing.

117 Winston St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
 (213) 687-7723
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