Frank N Hanks LA Dive BAr

In the heart of KoreaTown, a very dense part of LA, is Frank N Hanks. This bar is right along busy Western Ave. and acts as a refuge to someone like myself that wants to recollect, a place you order a beer and a shot to feel whole again. Frank N Hanks is friendly and welcoming. I had very good nights here, getting drunk, playing pool with the hustlers, dancing. This is an exciting bar to be, away from the 14 dollar, 5 minute, and 6 ingredient cocktail. The people that go here like to have fun. Maybe fun isn’t the right word. After all, Bukowski drank here. 
518 S Western Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Frank N Hanks Bar
Frank N Hanks Velvet Painting
Frank N Hanks