Libra Hotel Room

The hotel can be hard to find. It’s part of a building with multiple stores. It’s only a sign over the door, the address and a keypad out front. There is no lobby; the downstairs is a sitting area with a vending machine. The office is upstairs and down the hall. Most of the time you don’t need to check in with the office; there are codes for the front door and rooms. The hotel is a little dated but very clean and well kept. Sunny the manager is amazing, she is very helpful and accommodating. 

Can not ask for a better location, right in the heart of Ktown. Restaurants, night clubs, bars, grocery stores, metro,  buses, ice cream shops, coffee shops, CVS all within walking distance. 

The rooms are large, clean and comfortable. Ac/Heater, refrigerator and microwave. They will give you extra blankets and they give free indoor slippers. I always get a room away from the street which makes it very quiet. You have to run the water for a long time to get the hot water and then it’s not fully hot. The walls are thin so it can be loud depending on the neighbor.
Libra Hotel Bathroom
Has a laundry room. The office staff have quarters and you can buy soap from them, from the vending machine or the store downstairs. The WIFI is very fast; they have multiple routers right next to the rooms, perfect for remote working or digital nomads.

Author: Blaz Gallegos
Libra Hotel
Address: 3909 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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