The Colorado Street Bridge, also referred to as Suicide Bridge, was built in 1913 connecting Pasadena with Eagle Rock and Glendale. This early twentieth century bridge has beautiful beaux arches and was part of Route 66 between 1926 and 1940. Below at the the base is a beautiful stream and a nice trail with hand built stone formations.

It wasn’t until 1932 at the beginning of the depression that it coined the term ‘Suicide Bridge’. It is predicted that around 50 people had jumped off this 150 ft bridge gaining its reputation. In 1993 it underwent a renovation and acquired a suicide barrier. The last reported suicide was May 5, 2014.

Many ghosts are said to linger around the bridge. In 1937, a 22 year old single mother took her 3 year old daughter and threw her off and then jumping herself. The baby fortunately landed in a tree breaking her fall and surviving. The mother did not.


It is said that she wanders the area below still searching for her daughter like the old mexican story of La Llorona.

Another tale goes that at night a man whispers, “Her fault” to anyone roaming the trails. No one knowing what this means. A woman is also seen at the top of the parapets throwing herself off as she vanishes in the air.

Walking the trail below and thinking about how many committed their final act and taking the leap makes it a profound experience. Under the bridge is a peaceful and serene place and can make you forget you’re in Pasadena. But tilting your head upwards at the strong and daunting arches and the thought of chaos inside the mind of the person falling gives you chills. Even on a warm day.

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