Islander is located in the Coronado Hotel Village. After walking through the Coronado Hotel and slamming down a Jack and Coke at the beach bar (which, by the way, was playing Amy Winehouse) we decided some lunch was needed. We stumbled onto the Coronado Village and began to look for a place that fit our needs.
We walked past the Islander and made note of their happy hour menu and after looking at the other choices in the village it definitely was the best place to satisfy our hunger lust. It was painted in white and blue and gave it an airy, sea breeze feel.

I thought I was back at the beach bar with our friends Jack and Coke. There’s a plethora of fish and dressings on the menu, luckily the manager was friendly enough to look past the drunk talk and help us decide which fish and dressing made the best match for our salad. The manager’s suggestion was right on. The salad was amazingly delicious. (LB Nerd Note: We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the manager was from the south bay.)

1166 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA, United States
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