The Sofia Hotel is a stone’s throw from the Gaslamp District. It’s a boutique hotel with a European feel, gladly, not your typical midwestern Holiday Inn. The building on the outside looks historic and nondescript, built in 1926, but when you get inside the lobby it is heavily stylized.Although it’s an old building, the interior has been rebuilt  with modern features.

They let us check in early and the staff at the hotel were above par. The valet even let us park in the passenger loading area and looked out for the cops so we can check in and head out to explore more of the city. When we finally did visit the room we didn’t know to keep our key cards and our cell phone seperate so when we got to the room the card didn’t work. When we got new ones and finally did open the door someone was already using the room and thankfully wasn’t naked or doing something embarrassing.

Hotel Sofia San Diego

We talked to the people at the counter again and without hesitation they comped us our amenities and upgraded us to a much better room. In the afternoon, the valet showed us where the best place to walk and his instruction was precise.

The walk was beautifully scenic and we got to see everything we wanted to see. The rooms were small and quaint and modern.

The elevator was also small but if you need a big elevator then you’re not a world traveler and you’re lugging around too much shit. There’s a great business center and fantastic bar in the hotel for Sunday night drinking till closing time. (Time to hit the Gaslamp District.)
The Sofia Hotel
150 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
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