Vin de Syrah is located in the heart of San Diego’s gaslamp district. It’s a hidden underground hideaway, well worth the search. We found it by chance. We were walking down 5th on a cold and unconventional rainy Sunday night, most of the bars were closed.

We found ourself surrounded by tourists and from across the street I saw a group of people walking down an nondescript stair case and that was all we needed for us to separate from the herd, take the adventure and follow them.

After walking down a vibrant colored stair well you end up at a door camouflaged with fake grass.

The door opens into a spacious lounge with original fixtures. drip lighting and a subterranean forest decor.

There was a cool jazzy band with a female vocalist that fit the mood of the bar. It might sound odd but ask for the bathroom.
Vin de Syrah
901 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
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