Global Entry:

It is the same as TSA precheck but better. This can save you hours getting back into the United States. It also saves you time through TSA on domestic flights. You do not need both TSA pre-check and Global Entry, Global Entry is both.


This article will save you a lot of money when it comes to Money when traveling.

I pay with my phone as much as possible. I don’t like opening my wallet or handing my card to people.

Thanks to the above article I now pay in the foreign currency and let my bank do the exchange. I have found that my bank will always give me a better conversion rate. 
Also keep an eye out when they include the tip in the bill and then ask if you want to give a tip.

Credit Card

I have a Chase United Airlines Business Milage Plus card. I don’t pay for international traction fees. I’m building up miles and points.
This a link to sign up and it  will help earn points 🙂

Some areas charge up to 15% to use credit cards.

Currency Converter App:

My Currency Converter allows you to convert between hundreds of currencies with ease. Can not tell you how helpful this is.

Domicile Residence:

This is a really go article that covers all the states

I moved everything to South Dakota. It’s very easy to do it there. BUT I’m still working out the health insurance.

My address out of Postal Annex 20008 Digital Mailbox! I pay $9.99 a month from 


I can not tell you how important a good backpack is.

Travel Stand:

This stand helps prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. The thumb trackball helps prevent wrist pain.

Power Outlet Adapter:

This is a power outlet adapter and charger. If you plan to travel the world get one of these ASAP:
SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter W/ High Speed 2.4A USB, 3.0A Type-C Wall Charger, European Adapter, Worldwide AC Outlet Plugs Ad

Hotel App:

Find one you like and stick to it.

The more you use an app (booking and reviews) the more you will earn points. The more points you have the better deals you will get. 

I use

They have a very good section at the bottom of the hotel description with reviews, pay attention to the WIFI. This has saved me from the derided “no WIFI in the room nightmare”. 

I hastily used Expedia for the hotel I’m in right now and the WIFI in the room sucks so I’ve been working in their lobby. But as with most things, working in the lobby has been a good thing because I’ve made friends with staff who have given some very good tips about Cancun and Mexico.

I sometimes get a hotel and then head over to one of the Hostels to work and meet people. 

I’ve used AirBnB but they cost more because of my discount with

Digital Nomads Facebook Groups and Reddit threads:

These are good resources for information and lodging deals. I haven’t done any of the lodging deals as of yet.


I Used FB groups and found the Express VPN. I was having problems with some sites that were blocking me and I now longer have that problem. Use this link, we’ll both get 30 days free.

Pick Pockets:

My friend warned me about pickpockets and this just happened to another friend of mine. He had his phone stolen from his front pocket at EDC.

Buy a fanny pack, travel belt or cross body bag.