Cafe Baba Sign

Another one of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown stops. Enter this place at your own risk (there is heavy cannabis in the air). Although this is not a dive bar, it has all the elements that we love about dive bars with cannabis in exchange for alcohol.
I was greeted by the owner who was one of the friendliest people I met in Tangier. In 1941 Barbara Hutton American heiresses and socialites made the cafe very popular. She would have parties in her villa and then send her celeb friends to the cafe to smoke and drink. The walls are covered with rock stars and the famous (the cool ones) Rolling Stones, Beatles, Anthony Bourdain.

Cafe Baba Seating

This is very much a local spot, with the occasional backpacks sitting on the terrace that looks over the old city.
Drinking mint tea and smoking all forms of cannabis is not only allowed but encouraged. As I said, enter at your own risk. I was there two times and both times I got the hardest contact high that I’ve ever felt in the short one hour time I was there. It made walking down the steep stairs a challenge and adventure.

Rue Zaitouni, Tanger, Morocco

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