The Villa Muniria /Tangier Inn is where William Burroughs locked himself up in a room for a year, never took a bath, staring at his shoe for 8 hours, only to move to put another needle in his arm and to write Naked Lunch. This was one of those stops that I had to visit. If I’m going to fly across an ocean to see Europe, there was no way I was coming back without visiting it. Not to mention that Anthony Bourdain’s episode of Tangier was the inspiration for the trip.

William Burroughs Tangier Inn

@chrisarnold and I were pleasantly surprised when we went inside. Please note that it’s a challenge to find. Streets out here look like alleys, and the bar’s door is not under the sign. You have to walk down to the end of the hotel and find the nondescript door next to the painted wall.

The Villa Muniria /Tangier Inn

The bartenders and patriots were very down-to-earth and friendly. Everyone there had a vibe like people who visit any local dive bar. They were all there to listen to good music, have a strong drink, smoke some hash, and partake in some good conversation. I felt like I was the most star stuck person there. Blaz Gallegos

The Villa Muniria /Tangier Inn

Physical address: 1 Rue Magellan, Tangier
Phone number: +212 5399-35337
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