Sonder Casa Tonalá Entrance

Sonder Casa Tonalá is a Spanish colonial hotel in the heart of Roma Norte, Mexico City. A must stay for any digital nomad.

The hotel can be hard to find because the front door is an inconspicuous big metal door. There was only a small sign and a numeric keypad. However, once I got inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful Spanish colonial decor. The courtyard was also breathtaking, with tall palm trees and lush greenery. The thick white walls surrounding the entryway added to the overall charm of the hotel. I did find it strange that they charged for cleaning, but that did not detract from my overall experience.

Roma Norte

The location was excellent (I love Roma Norte) with great restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes within walking distance on a tree-lined street. Most of the restaurants have vegetarian options, and there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants.  Krika’s, which was just three blocks away, was a daily stop for William Burroughs back in the day, and he even had an apartment upstairs from the cafe. It’s just a five-minute walk to Departmento, one of the best House Music nightclubs in Mexico.

Unlike most Sonders Hotels, this one had full-time staff at a reception desk, and they were all very accommodating. I had an issue with a WiFi module in my room that had a very bright blue light, but the receptionist covered it for me without hesitation. They all spoke good English and were able to give me great recommendations on restaurants, laundromats, shops, and cafes.

I had booked a king room that was at the top of the steps on the second floor, and the room was spacious. I couldn’t believe how large and beautiful it was. The hotel room had a tasteful decor and featured a window overlooking the beautiful courtyard. The bed was exceptionally comfortable, with high-quality bedding. The room also had several amenities like a closet, fridge, coffee machine, complimentary water, and more. I found the table and chairs handy for setting up my laptop, and the WiFi was fast with plenty of bandwidth for streaming and remote work.

The bathroom was equally impressive, with Spanish painted tiles and a thick, colorful rug. The shower had plenty of hot water and pressure. And the shower head was high above, which made it feel like standing in the rain. The sink had enough space for my toiletries, and they provided free shampoo, shower gel, and high-quality towels. Overall, I felt at home during my stay at this hotel, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

Author: Blaz Gallegos
Sonder Casa Tonalá
Tonalá 138, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
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