Casa Donovan Panama Apartment

Casa Donovan apartment in Panama embodies a mixture of the past and the present of Panamanian architecture. Since this building was built in 1918, it has a unique and cozy atmosphere. With high ceilings, NY loft design, with soaring ceilings and extensive wrap-around porches that seamlessly blended the past and present. The apartment had a fully equipped kitchen that met all my needs, and the French doors opened to a picturesque view of the city. The warm and hospitable hosts made me feel right at home.

The location of Casa Donovan in Casco Viejo was unbeatable, with everything being within walking distance. I found numerous delectable restaurants nearby, and the ambiance was fantastic, providing an authentic cultural experience. The local bars and eateries were also conveniently located nearby, making it a great place to discover the country’s history and culture. Although it was situated in a bustling downtown area, there were plenty of places to explore, and I found history in every nook and cranny.

Casa Donovan Panama Bathroom

The bathroom was small, but it was well-appointed with clean and high-quality towels. The hot water was heated as needed, so the temperature may be slightly warm rather than hot. There was limited space for toiletries, and the mirror was positioned low, providing an awkward view.

Casa Donovan Panama Room

The rooms were spacious, with comfortable beds and pristine linens. The artwork and full-length mirrors added to the room’s beauty, and each room was equipped with its own AC unit. Fast Wi-Fi was also available, making it an ideal spot for digital nomads to set up their laptops. The dining table was perfect for those who preferred to work and eat in their room.

The hosts were outstanding communicators, and their attention to detail was remarkable. The rental property was exceptional, with very few issues under the owner’s control. However, it was important to note that additional fees applied for apartment cleaning.

Casa Donovan Panama Kitchen

While I enjoyed my stay, the noise from honking cars outside and the music from the Salina rooftop bar was a drawback. If you are accustomed to living in a busy city like New York City, the noise may not be a problem. However, the doors and windows were not soundproof or tightly fitted, making the street noise and music more noticeable.

Author: Blaz Gallegos
Address: Avenida B, piso 1, Panama City

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