The American Hotel - Los Angeles

The American Hotel in the heart of the Los Angeles arts district is a gem of a hotel. A historic hotel known for being the first quality hotel for African Americans in the city. It’s also a popular hub for artists and home to Al’s Bar, which is considered the West Coast’s answer to CBGB. Although the shared bathrooms gave it a hostel-like vibe, the hotel is well-maintained and updated. One thing to note is that the office is on the second floor and is only accessible by stairs. Reminded me of stays in Mexico and Europe.

The hotel is located in the lively Arts District of Los Angele. Just a 5-minute stroll away from Little Tokyo. It serves as the perfect base to explore the city’s diverse offerings, including restaurants, bars, breweries, galleries, and shops. LA Union Station is less than a 30-minute walk away or a quick 2-minute car ride.

The staff at the hotel were friendly, polite, and incredibly helpful. They went out of their way to make my stay as enjoyable as possible.

My room was spacious and had a city view. It also had a table, which was perfect for setting up my computer, and a refrigerator. Although there was some noise from neighboring rooms, it wasn’t too disruptive. The high-speed Wi-Fi provided ample bandwidth for my digital nomad needs.

The American Hotel - Los Angeles City View

The hotel offers both single and shared bathrooms. I found them to be spotlessly clean and well-maintained. The unmistakable smell of cleaning products was a reassuring sign of their frequent upkeep, and I had no issues using either option during my stay.

If you’re not a fan of stairs, it’s worth requesting a room on the third floor, which is where the water machine is located. It’s handy for refilling water bottles, and bringing a larger bottle could save you multiple trips up and down the stairs.

Author: Blaz Gallegos
American Hotel
Address: 303 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, California, 90013, USA

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